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Defending existence from oblivion

Posted in Uncategorized by redomondo on February 26, 2010

When you look through the fossil record of our earth, you will find that about 99% of the species of plants and animals that have existed on this planet are now extinct.

Nature doesn’t care about us, nature doesn’t care about tigers, polar bears, buffalo, dodos, peguins, 1000 year old redwoods, etc. etc.

Nature doesn’t care about biodiversity.

If a planet killing meteor was heading for the earth, nature wouldn’t lift a finger to stop it.

It could be easily argued that the only thing that has ever cared about our blue planet are homo sapiens.

Life, is a laissez faire system where various biological organisms compete for resources by adapting to their surroundings and exploiting niches through evolution. The most successful organisms are rewarded with continued existence, the others are condemned to extinction. Life creates order from chaos.

Humans are the only species that would intervene on behalf of another to save it from extinction. A lion would care not if it slaughtered the last gazelle.

Humans have managed through adaptation to rise to a point where we are not struggling on daily basis merely to exist. We have created order from the chaos. And now being in this position we look out over the earth and place value on it, we place value on life itself. I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty important. We place value on something that this universe that we live in couldn’t care less about.

Now some people are mad that we have risen to this point, and would like to see us pulled back down into the daily struggle to survive, at the mercy of this cruel world we live in. They celebrate poverty, and would like to have half our children die before the age of five, our women die in childbirth, and healthy people be struck down by cureable diseases. And in the end they hope that we will become extinct too, just one more set of bones laying in the rock. And then there will be no-one left to care. No-one left to fight on behalf of life.

I don’t know what fuels this self loathing. Maybe in killing god, some think we have become the opressor that god was – and now our existence oppresses this earth so we too must be destroyed. We have tasted the fruit of knowledge and we must pay, because we have dared to succeed. We dare to reach fo immortality. We have dared to rise out of the dirt and have an impact on this earth. Let me tell you one thing, not one creature, not one plant has zero impact, zero impact is the same as zero existence.

Life is precious, and has value, because it is rare. As far as we know this planet holds the only life in existence in this universe, and at this point, we are the best chance that life has of continuing in this universe, of defending existence from oblivion. We are the masters of adaptation, and if we don’t make the mistake of giving up on ourselves, of thinking we have gone too far, that we have “progressed” enough, of letting those among us who want humans to have zero impact have their way, we will help life to spread throughout this universe, to make an impact.

Exposing the roots of the Green movement.

Posted in Uncategorized by redomondo on February 15, 2010

The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

– Club of Rome

The Green movement is not as benign as you would think. Everyone believes that they care about the environment and saving it for humanity. Their real goal is saving it from humanity.

In the secularized west, we have forgotten what it is like to have the nagging guilt and obedience to the argument from authority, so we did not quite realise what was happening

As Ray Harvey Points out:

Environmentalism has so thoroughly permeated world culture that the saving-the-planet rhetoric is accepted even by those who don’t really regard themselves as dyed-in-the-skein environmentalists. It is taught as holy writ in public schools, and it’s espoused by poets, priests, and politicians alike.

This monstrous ideology would, given the first opportunity, destroy humankind, a fact of which the leaders of this movement make no secret.

The Green movement has been attempting to create a new religion based on worship of the earth, and a hatred of humanity.

It truly is a secular cult it has the worst aspects of a religion, but none of the life affirming qualities of traditional religions.

Unfortunately some traditional religions have decided to ally themselves with the green movement, and this is a very grave mistake. The Environmental movement wants only the death of the Human race.

1999 Parliament of World Religions in Barney’s Threshold 2000: Critical Issues and Spiritual Issues for a Global Age, p. 73 has the following quote:
“Down one path is a tragic wasteland. The climate has become hotter than today; floods and droughts are more frequent and more violent. massive amounts of soil have wasted into the sea. Most forests are gone. A large fraction of the Earth’s species are extinct, and the remaining ones are being lost rapidly. Oil and natural gas are gone.”

They use fear and guilt to try and control society. In their religion of hate, there can be no salvation. A human is a sinner from the day that they are born till the day that they die. So all the better that we die sooner. We suspect that is why they do not care about people suffering today, only people sufferng “tomorrow.”

In this New Religion, Scientist are the priest class, and people such as Al Gore are its Bishops.

Already the Green religion has been corrupted by money with the selling of indulgences know as “Carbon Offsetting”

View here one environmentalists view of what poor people need, from the movie Mine Your Own Business.

We at “Vox Veritas Vita” have been following this debate for about 5 years now, watching from the sidelines. We finally decided to get involved in the last few months because it has just come out that so much of the case for C02 reduction has been based on twisted science that serves the green movements outrageously misanthropic agenda.

We at Vox Veritas Vita are creating this blog for the average person who hasn’t been paying attention to the debate and doesn’t realize what all of this means. But if they click on all the links, they can get a good education. So please visit the site and send this email to anyone you know who wants to more about what is going on. It is very important, as the EPA is doing outlandish things like listing CO2 as a toxic gas. Which means that every living animal on this planet is now a polluter. And Polluters must die.

If you appreciate what we at Vox Veritas Vita have to say in this email and think it should be shared, please forward it to anyone you think might be interested. The future of humanity and this planet is too important to leave in the hands of these traitors to the human race.

We will be accepting articles for publication on this site. If anyone you know would ever like to post an article about the philosophy behind the views on my site, or anything else for that matter, we would be honoured.

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