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Rebuttal to BBF

Posted in Uncategorized by redomondo on March 23, 2010

Hello Dear Readers

This is posted as a rebuttal to the previous post on this site – Letter from a BFF named BBF.

I hope you enjoy it.



i read some of the posts on your site. i couldn’t read everything. there’s far too much text.

M. Luther

Far too much text? You must be attempting to read the posts on our sister site, Peace, Order and Good Government.

The texts there are rather long I’ll admit. But no longer than your average Playboy editorital.

This is Vox Veritas Vita, a site dedicated to unmasking the new secular religion that is the environmental movement.

So far there have only been three posts on this site, all rather short.

Next time I’ll just post some pretty pictures.

I have heard they are worth a thousand words – that will be a nice break, it takes me so long to compose these rebuttals.

Here is something that might be up your alley, a misguided friend of mine who also blogs, put up this post.

10 counts of Earth Rape

Lots of nice pictures to pull at your heartstrings, no hard words to think about.


i appreciate that you maintain some of the views expressed but but i feel that expending energy countering environmentalists and arguing how the world needs more people and more capitalism is grossly misguided and naive.

M. Luther

I think we need to define some terms -By environmentalists, I do mean the deep green type, but also their fellow travellers such as the believers in Radical Depopulation of the Earth – of which there are a surprising number of very powerful people who hold those views.

As for the people who

simply recycle

pay too much for carrots to feel morally superior,

and think that windmills reduce CO2 output

I merely regard as useful idiots.

By “Capitalism” I mean Laissez-Faire capitalism in the Classical Liberal tradition.


I find that most people associate capitalism with the Americans, whose version of capitalism should really be known as Corporatism as far as I am concerned – and of course Mussolini said that was the same thing as Fascism, in his famous quote.

And if you didn’t know, Fascism is a form of SocialismAccording to Hitler.

So yes, I will continue to attack environmentalism, and promote Laissez-Faire Capitalism.

Though I will leave the Laissez-Faire Capitalism bit more to E. A. Blair.


Nor does it take into account many social and philosophical elements of the human animal.

M. Luther

Well, as stated above, this site only has three posts – with this one four, so I am sure we will get to it.

If you would like to eloborate on those issues, feel free, and I will post them here.

By the way, I agree that humans are animals, but we are the Rational Animals. Unique in this world.


i especially find it disturbing that someone can argue that because human beings reason and place value on life, that somehow we hold dominion over and are separate from the rest of animal life on Earth.

M Luther

That’s interesting – I don’t remember saying that – could you please quote me next time?

You may be making a Straw Man Argument – you should watch out for those.

Being that we are the Rational Animal, I do belief that we are separate – when you see a gazelle driving an SUV, let me know, I’ll rethink my position.

As for placing abstract value on all “life” as a totality, yes I think we do. And there are no animals that do the same. They exist only to serve their own self-interest, and the interest of their particular group, if they are a herd type animal.

I didn’t say we hold dominion – maybe you could use the word stewards, I feel that is what we have become.

Ray Harvey has a nice way of defining how through evolution, we became unique in the animal world.

The evolution of the human brain is the thing that created rights. How so? Because this evolution created a rational animal called a human being — which is to say, it created the freedom of the will. In slightly more religious terms than I’m candidly comfortable with, Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) otherwise put it well:

The greatest gift that God in His bounty made in creation, and the most conformable to His goodness, and that which He prizes the most, was the freedom of will, with which the creatures with intelligence, they all and they alone, were and are endowed (“Paradiso,” Canto V, lines 19-24).


there are very few animals in this world that kill at will and with impunity. humans have mastered that art…with one another and non-human animals alike.

M. Luther

Your point being? I said that we were unique – I see you are agreeing with me.

I can think of a creature that kills with impunity and for sport, the common house cat. My cats, now dearly departed, used to play with mice before killing them, would kill mice and birds and not eat them, but merely leave them on my front porch, and would occasionally toy with a mouse and then let it go.

Sounds like brutality to me.

In the wild, a lion will eat a gazelle while it is still alive.

I can’t think of something that would entail more agony – when we kill cows at a slaughterhouse, we have some thought for their mental anguish.

There are millions of predatory animals and insects in this world, all who kill without a care. All of them are amazingly competent at killing – we occasionally call them “Killing Machines”.

Our military often use the greatest killers as mascots for their units, to show how like these killing machines they have become.

Take a walk through the woods, there is death all around you.

I think we humans, especially those of us who live in cities, have forgotten just how nasty, brutish, and short life is in nature.


M Luther might learn something from how an animal will defend and shelter its young from predation. does that act not constitute the ability to reason that one’s offspring are of value…that their life has value?

M Luther

Of course Animals defend their young, but it is in their nature, it is not in their “reason” as you put it. They defend their young because they represent the continuation of their genes, nothing more, nothing less.

So how about when animals kill and sometimes eat their young – did they make a value based judgement on their young, and decide that it would be to their advantage to kill them?

Should that Animal be punished?

What moral code do animals live by?

Other than that imposed on them by us?

Tell me what you make of this picture.

You may want to read this piece on Peace, Order, and Good Government. I think it explains my position further.

Adventures in Denialism – Teddy Bears


Ultimately, i think that many of the arguments in the blogs posted are misguided.

M. Luther

In what way? Please elaborate.


why not use those energies for something positive

M. Luther

Such as? I am open to suggestions, and enjoy doing positive things, such as sharing my point of view with the world.

Making people think.

If one person thinks about what I have written, then I am happy.


instead of, for example, throwing skepticism on the environmental movement because certain small elements have a radical opinion. An opinion that no one is concerned with anyway because most rational individuals understand the ludicrous nature of their arguments.

M Luther

I don’t know where you get the idea that the Environmental movement is in any way fringe. Or that many of their radical views are not held by a great number of the population.

Ray Harvey puts it this way

Environmentalism has so thoroughly permeated world culture that the saving-the-planet rhetoric is accepted even by those who don’t really regard themselves as dyed-in-the-skein environmentalists. It is taught as holy writ in public schools, and it’s espoused by poets, priests, and politicians alike.

Ask the average person on the street if the earth is overpopulated – I’ll bet you they say yes, as some of my friends have offhandedly remarked to me. When asked what to do about it, the don’t have an answer.

Directly from the environmental movement.

That and Thomas Malthus.

Most every environmentalist is also a Malthusian – they probably don’t know what that means.

The litany of the environmental movement, ecological collapse, peak oil, climate catastrophe, ocean acidification, mass extinction, etc, etc, is widely believed by many people, and all of it is based on the most spurious of claims.

I know two couples who are only having one child to “save the planet”.

Those children will not have a sibling, and be alone in the world, all because of some sanctimonious environmentalist’s claims.

I think that is wrong.

I wouldn’t give up my siblings for the world.

So no, I won’t stop fighting against the environmental movement, and everything that is wrong with it.

Zero impact means Zero Growth and Zero Humans

Environmentalism is a DEATH CULT.

Best Reagrds

M. Luther.


    M. Luther might learn something from how an animal will defend and shelter its young from predation. does that act not constitute the ability to reason that one’s offspring are of value…that their life has value?

    M Luther